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About SILTEC Cable Trays

Flexible Wire baskets and cable trays in Stainless Steel
SILTEC wire baskets and cable trays are developed to optimise function while emphasising simplicity as well as accessibility for thorough cleaning and heat dissipation. The open design of the wire basket prevents any accumulation of inflammable dust or growth of bacteria and reduces the heating of the cables.

Materials and Durability
SILTEC cable trays are long-life quality products – the wire basket is made from first class Stainless Steel to prevent any corroding tendency and to ensure an outstanding chemical resistance.

Outstanding Flexibility
Our wire basket and cable trays are flexible during installation and offer you optimal conditions for your cables.

  • The wire basket is suitable for soft cables and tubes
  • Cables are fastened in the wire basket without the use of tools.
  • Easily cleaned
  • Suitable for systema and installations where cables are frequently moved
  • Suitable for machines and constructions where extended flexibility for the installation of cables trays and cables is required.
  • Suitable where quick maintenance is required
  • Each cable is traceable from one end to the other and therefore easily replaceable

Read more about the cable trays and see the many applications (PDF)